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Colin Coverdale

SMALL BUSINESS – the state of play July 2013 – PDF
Small businesses play a vital role in Australia’s economy.
Author – Colin Coverdale

Economic Update February 2013 – PDF
The year of change or more of the same, Australia’s political dilemma?
Author – Colin Coverdale

Economic Update – PDF
Steering the parallel economy – Time for a hard look at the navigators?
Author – Colin Coverdale

Economic Update – PDF
A look ahead at 2012 – Unpredictable but not the end of the world!.
Author – Colin Coverdale

Leadership – PDF
Leadership is often confused with management and the difference is well expressed in the saying “Anyone can manage things but few can lead people”.   Author – Colin Coverdale

Building effective presentations – PPT
Powerpoint presentation on how to put together great presentations of your own.
Author – Opportune Business Network